Carpet & Sofa Cleaning

When it comes to your needs of carpet & sofa cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, look no further than the services we can offer at GG Cleaning Services. Thus, you can always expect amazing results when hiring us every time.

House Cleaning

GG Cleaning Services is fully licensed and recognized to offer first class house cleaning services in the area, which is why you can rest assured that our experts are qualified, trained and responsible.

Office Carpet Cleaning

We are one of the emerging companies in the area that offers remarkable house Cleaning which have been widely recognized by both home and business owners as highly effective and reliable.

GG cleaning services

Gleam& Glisten (GG) Cleaning Services

Do you have home furnishing such as sofa, carpets, rugs, chairs, mattresses that requires seasonal cleaning? Maybe you do not have time and need a cleaner for your home on a daily/ weekly/ hourly basis? Do you have an office/ business that requires everyday cleaning?

Whatever the case may be, GG Cleaning Services is the most sought after cleaning company Abu Dhabi that can offer you an impeccable service for your needs. Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE Managed by professionals with a collective experience of 35 years in the field. If you want to receive professional cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, turn to us for an excellent service.

GG Cleaning service offers all inclusive service. Our service range from complete residential and commercial cleaning solutions including villas, schools, industrial units, hospitals etc to specific cleaning service such as carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, window cleaning etc. We only hire proficient workers for cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. The employees are hired after strict background verification. Hence you need not worry about the protection and safety of the building and the people in and around it. Our consistent service blended with excellent quality has turned us into the number one cleaning company Abu Dhabi.

Your Top-Notch All-In-One Cleaning Destination

Offering one of the top cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, Gleam&Glisten provides professional cleaners who can meet all of your cleaning requirements while staying inside your price range. In order to enhance its beauty and provide a favourable first impression on visitors, we clean your property of any dust. We make an effort to make your life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. We provide a completely ordered living space in your home, which gives you more energy to tackle your daily tasks.
At G&G Services, we make sure that each task is completed to the highest standard. We routinely ask our clients to submit quick surveys after completion to make sure our work is always of the highest calibre. Every one of our cleaners must go through a rigorous application process and is screened for reputation and experience; in fact, the majority won't get hired. This guarantees that we can give our customers the best quality possible.
Due to the top cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, we offer, the majority of our clients come to us through recommendations, and the majority of our clientele have been with us for a long time.

Why Do You Need Professional Cleaning Services?

As the pace of life quickens and young professionals scarcely have time for housework, dust begins to build up in various places of the home. As a result, there are more dust mites, dangerous bacteria, allergens in the air, and other disease-causing elements. When these dangerous substances build up, the house not only appears dirty but also becomes unhealthy.
The occupants quickly develop allergic reactions, ranging from rashes and other skin conditions to wheezing, cold, cough, fever, eye redness or weeping. If there is a child present, these deadly bacteria and microorganisms have a dangerously negative impact on them.

How Our Professional Team Works?

Step 1: Request Job
You must phone us or use our official website to make a request for home cleaning services.

Step 2: Confirmation of Service Request
Based on your needs, you will get an estimate and a confirmation email.

Step 3: Do the Job
On the designated day and time, the Gleam&Gisten team will complete the necessary task.

Step 4: Payment for the Job
Cash, credit cards, online payments, and bank transfers are all acceptable forms of payment.

Why choose us?

  • Quality cleaning at affordable price
  • Flexible timing
  • On time service
  • Expert personnel
  • Comprehensive cleaning solutions
  • Vast industry knowledge and experience
  • Trusted maid partner service
  • Transparent in all the activities
  • Our Price List

    Our minimum charge is AED 125

     L-Shaped Sofa (up to 4 seats)
     AED 150
     Additional sofa per seat 
     AED 40
     Dining Chair – with one cushion
     AED 20/chair
     Dining Chair – with 2 cushions
     AED 30/chair
     King Sized Mattress
     AED 150
     Queen size mattresses 
     AED 125
     Single mattress 
     AED 100
     Carpet (Small rug- up to 3ft x 4ft). 
     AED 75
     Carpet (Medium rug – upto 4ft x 6ft) 
     AED 100
     Carpet (Wall to wall room – upto 14ft x 14ft) 
     AED 200/room
     Carpet (large areas that require furniture shifting) 
     price upon survey.
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    Office Carpet cleaning

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    Whatever the case may be, GG Cleaning Services is the company that can offer you an impeccable service for your needs.

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    What all is included in your cleaning service?

    We have complete house cleaning services in Abu Dhabi as well as specific cleaning services in Abu Dhabi such as sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning etc. Our house cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is all inclusive. Each and every room will be cleaned by our professional cleaners. Our comprehensive cleaning service includes:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming the floors
  • Mopping the floors
  • Dusting the cabinets and drawers
  • Removing trash
  • Bathroom cleaning (including showers, tubs and toilets)
  • Mattress and carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming and cleaning furniture
  • Cleaning appliances if required
  • Wiping and cleaning doors, windows and any partitions
  • Cleaning surfaces such as table tops, countertops and so on
  • Eliminating odour
  • Cleaning sinks, wash basins, light fixtures, fans, mirrors etc

  • Is a long-term contract required for cleaning service?

    Long-term contract is not required for cleaning services in Abu Dhabi offered by our cleaning company Abu Dhabi. Our cleaning service is flexible and you can schedule the time as per you convenience. We will reach your place on time and will finish the service efficiently in the shortest possible time.

    Can I change or cancel my booking?

    Yes, you can change the booking and cancel it as well. We aim to offer our customers outstanding service and their satisfaction is our priority. Taking this into consideration our customers are given the option to make any changes to the booking done with our cleaning company Abu Dhabi as well as cancel the service.

    Are the cleaning materials eco-friendly?

    The products used by our cleaning company Abu Dhabi are of top quality. We ensure that the cleaning materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe. We only utilize products from trusted and renowned brands in the market. No harsh cleaning chemicals are used by us.

    What cleaning products and equipment’s are required?

    According to the kind of cleaning services in Abu Dhabi you opt for, we will bring all the necessary products and equipments. As per the surface materials products such as cleaning chemicals suitable for floors, bathroom, glass materials etc will be used by us. The latest equipments are used by us. Equipments such as vacuum cleaners, pressure cleaners, polishers etc which are of standard grade are employed for providing effective cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.